Monday, 26 December 2011

Dakar 2012 Bike Locks - Marc Coma is Eager to Do Battle

Triple winner of the Dakar (2206.2009 and 2011), Marc Coma presented in Barcelona on Tuesday his plan to win a fourth crown. The leader of the Red Bull team MRW AMV, it will team with Joan Pedrero for the second consecutive year.

The departure on the Atlantic coast and the arrival on the Pacific coast is one of the new Dakar in 2012, which will start on 1 January in Argentina to Peru . This will be the fourth time that the Dakar will be held in South America. But it will be the participation of the bike locks tenth King of Coma in the rally-raids.

"We have a few days now to put an end to our preparation and to take stock of the steps and Regulation" said Coma. "Physically, now it is only maintenance . We have to keep the level acquired. "

"The bike is a party in late October. We still have to check all the hardware and pass all the technical and distribute it in trucks. We must also take the course of audits. This will be the most stressful. You only want to, that of being in the race, and you need to focus on other things."

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