Thursday, 22 December 2011

Comparison FZ8 Yamaha 800 vs 2011 Suzuki GSR 750 2011


          And yes, after a little delay on my test year for "choosing a new style of bikes," you are here the end point of Harley Comparo / KTM / Yamaha 's / Suzuki.
First, I had to try the only FZ8 ... But the arrival of the GSR 750 questioned everything!
Then the appointment is taken to the Comparo, and it left my kiki!

          Beauty and the Beast by the Belgian Oli

I could also call this Comparo "evidence" so much, and the fact is quite rare, for once the song is in line with the plumage.
When motorcycles are found side by side, one can only note the plate light / mini-fairing design very similar and almost equal size on both bikes (seat height 815 mm both).

          Against big difference in finishing / presentation of the whole.

The Yamaha seems to be richer in front of the runway presentation over the Suzuki.
The seat of the FZ8 is very comfortable, while GSR side, cutting the sides of the fine saddle suggests that the dislocation will be necessarily easy!
The rest is a matter of taste. The GSR dresses radiator covers very aggressive while the FZ8 has an engine that goes beyond just everywhere.
I resent that moderately cutting front fender Miss Suz, as well as the "hole" in the engine compartment that opens up the motorcycle side.

For Yam, whether to hold something, it is the surprise introduction of the "regulator" on the ABS version.
I imagine the scene at the offices of Yamaha in Japan: the group of engineers proudly looks the production model of the FZ8 at this time, the little landed again with the "regulator" in hand and saying: "Chief, Chief, we forgot to put a coin!"
"Bah, said the engineer, one has only to put it there before the window of engine oil level, in any event no one is watching what ever window".
Of course, I imagine the headache to install this piece that is normally under the seat but they had to move following the installation of the plant ABS, but this is as special location ...

Even more crude aesthetic level of the Suzuki swingarm, while Yamaha offers us something far more dark and handsome.
For pot against the release of the FZ8 is a disaster, I think Yam wanted to make a flower pot manufacturers to adaptable so the original item requires you to invest when purchasing.
Well, let's say that static, I have a slight preference for the Yamaha, more cozy.


I differentiate blocks counters while the bikes heat.
The element of the FZ8 is the same as the FZ1, so it's simple (very simple) and net.
Large tachometer and small screen containing information as usual.
Even for the simple Suzuki, except that once again we can only congratulate Suzuki gear position indicator, a little more for these mills running pretty fast and then take you on a regular highway trying to pass the 7th!

          Let us come to the mill.

The 4-line of the FZ8 is a brand new engine developed for distilling power and torque in the most commonly used systems.
The engine develops a maximum power of 78.1 kW or 106.2 hp at 10 000 rev / min and a maximum torque of 82 Nm to the regime of 8000 rev / min.
For its part, the part of a Suzuki GSX-R 750 base while making the engine less pointed in the towers.
Same power, so no bottlenecks castrating for the French market
Almost the same displacement, the same power and yet a very different motor behavior.
Side by side, the FZ8 takes advantage of its low-end torque for a few meters behind the GSR at startup, but as soon as the Suzuki is in the towers, the roles are reversed.
Moreover, when the Suzuki teases the red zone (after 9000 r / min), the front wheel really hard to stay on the ground!


Should we bury the small and big sisters of these roadsters?
To get an idea, I try to dig up a GSR 600, an FZ1 FZ6 or even a ...
Press the park this season no longer has any of these models, well, I look in my "relations", bingo, I managed to find an FZ1.
The bike is not very original, it is among others equipped with a silencer Akrapovic.
Parked next to one another, the FZ8 and FZ1 are very similar, except that the FZ1 takes advantage of an engine that exceeds even MORE everywhere.
In full (44 hp difference for 1000 anyway!) Work on the engine Yamaha 800 is stunning, the first 50 meters of filing the 1 8.
Good afternoon, the 150 nags returned to the attack, and the white meteor is a famous beforehand.
And it is during these accelerations that we realize the true bestiality of 150 horses.
The GSR as the FZ8 are already hard on the arm while the FZ1's hard.
That's why these bikes "medium range" power has as much interest. Flexible and powerful engines make it possible to draw a link between the 600 and 1000 very sharp and very powerful intensive tire, gasoline and tendons!

          Which is it?

Each of these models left me a nice souvenir, but I had to choose ...
The last Comparo reminded me how much a ride with "four legs" is nice, but the lack of protection of these roadsters still a real problem for a motorcycle that runs as much as me.
Roll over 50 terminals on the highway at high speeds is quite a hassle.
In case of rain, the few drops that you miss the face as you catch up from behind the fender keeps nothing (I even managed to get mud on top of my helmet)
So I ended up signing a purchase order for a roadster, but with a semblance of a fairing, the FAZER 8!


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