Monday, 26 December 2011

The Most Luxurious Super Model and Bike Locks

Exceptional, with a strong preference for the sport. The small factory is moved away from that segment only three times: twice in roadsters, with 900 Mantra DB3 DB6 Delirio and current, and now in the big supermodel, with this luxurious Mortarboard DB10.

The pun is particularly well chosen. And like all Biota, the DB10 creates an interest that delivered before to find out. But for once, it shows a hint of disappointment. Taking the concept of the Hypermarket Ducat, the Mortarboard is not in the uniqueness and really looks like too cousin of Bologna. We would have appreciated a device that snaps over the retina.
Digested the bitterness, there is the happy choice of materials and technology used by Biota. Anchored around the twin desmo 1100 cm3 of Ducat Monster and HM, the framework remains the superb all tubular trellis connected to aluminum plates cut into the ground. Same procedure for the swing arm, simply outstanding, limits indecent as it consumes the attention.
The 98 horses of the DB10 just waiting to distribute the sport, especially the craft that accuses the weighing 168 kg. Thank you for dressing a minimum, the OZ racing wheels and bike locks, and the tempting selection of valuable parts. As the fork crown made entirely of carbon, like the small side scoops, the front fender cut off halfway, one extending from the rear as a chain guard, and to the support plate.
What would be most afraid of the road? Mariachi inverted fork with 50 mm diameter or tees beveled absolutely superb? No matter, because as usual, the devices are signed high-performance chassis. A beautiful shock absorber, brake calipers 4-piston Brembo radial, large 320 mm wave discs - with twin 1100 when he breathes by means of a mapping and a titanium exhaust house.
The incursion of Bimota in a very special is somewhat surprising. But the magic of the small manufacturer is to provoke interest and curiosity for the DB10 Mortarboard even if you've never been interested in the segment where she ventures.

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