Friday, 15 February 2013

Motorcycle Clothing

Leather pants are the new, hot thing in fashion and that is definitely good news for all motorcyclists out there. You can now stay safe in your proper motorcycle gear as well as be in fashion. Leather pants are the coolest thing this season and have been sported by several celebrities on the red carpet! Now you can rock an outfit while riding on your motorcycle and you will not have to change int o something more 'fashionable' because motorcycle clothing is the trend. This means that you do not need to fret over whether or not you need to buy leather pants, all you have to worry about is what size and color suits you best. 

For the more serious motorcyclists, who like to participate in races and long distance rides you might need to get leather pants that are more suited for the adventure. Motorcycle riding pants are available in the various colors of leather. The best thing about them is that if they are lined with water-resistant material, which they normally are you will get protection from getting wet in rain or muddy areas as well wind resistant so you wont feel cold in the legs while whizzing through the wind. It is of course a tough material so it will also protect you from getting abrasion or cuts on the skin in case of injuries. 

Even though it is perfect to wear leather pants in winters, they can get quite uncomfortable in summers because they will make you sweat and not let any air in. In summers, you can consider buying lighter material pants that have linings and mesh on the shin. Calves and thighs to let air in. You can also wear knee and thigh pads to protect yourself from injuries while wearing a light, summery pant's material. You will need to get some breathable summer pants so you dehydrate yourself by sweating. Stay cool in summers, and do not wear the trendy, traditional leather pants that motorcyclists are known for. 

Your skin must get some ventilation to cool off the sweat and your body should be able to breathe otherwise your bike ride can get fatal by heatstroke. Keep a bottle of cold water with you on your ride, as on a bike ride the sun is beating down directly on to your body and can make you feel very hot and dizzy if you do not take proper care. 

In winters, you need to wear pants that will be water-resistant and keep you warm by not letting the air in, whereas in summers you definitely need to do the opposite to survive. Remember, you need to stay safe. Your saftey should be of utmost importance to you during a bike ride! Proper gear, accessories and clothing will make your ride more comfortable and secure.

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