Friday, 22 February 2013

How to Save Yourself From Road Accidents

We are always out on the road, getting from one place to another and that is why it is very important to know all the road rules and laws. Once on the road, whether as a pedestrian , a cyclist, a motorcyclist or in car you expose yourself and other to the off chance of accidents. So no matter what your mode of transport is one must be real careful as its not ones own life but others riding with us and those on the road at the moment who are in danger. Before stepping out on the road, one must ask themselves how to save yourself from road accidents. In accordance with your opted for mode of choice keep those things in mind when
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making the journey. It is safe to say that no matter what your mode of transport is ,there are some basic rules to follow to save yourself and ones around you from road accidents. Firstly one must be aware of the traffic signs, where not to turn from where parking is not permitted where a U-turn is banned etc. Secondly what lane one must drive in for example fast cars are usually in the right most and cyclists on far left. If someone tries to walk in the fast lane they will not only endanger their life but everyone coming that way and not mention a pedestrian walking in fast lane or opposing the traffic a task that only a daring few try. Also one must observe the traffic signals,do not over ride traffic signals even if the road is empty and especially when one is in hurry , as our mind is already distracted and we driving faster. If you are riding on motorcycle try to wear motorbike helmets because these protect you from serious injuries.

Technology has evolved a lot and has become a very vital part of our lives. For most of us leaving the house without your cell phone is next to unimaginable. Recently, ipods, ipads and such gadgets are also carried out regularly, which is not bad as long as it does not interfere  with road safety. So make sure that when on the road especially driving that you are not constantly using your gadgets and distracted from the road or traffic. Do not use it and if you must have to use hands-free so at least your hands are free in case of an emergency steer or gear shift. Even if you are walking make sure that your headphones do not have volume set to max as you would be unable to hear approaching cars or honking cars. The percentage of road accidents due to these gadgets has increased greatly. This is why most countries have banned using cell phones when on road or place a heavy fine so people become more responsible. 

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