Monday, 10 September 2012

Why Should I buy Viper RS-V131 Bluetooth 4 Helmet?
Viper Bluetooth Helmet - £149.99
It is an important question and hence an important matter. In last week when I was there in Riderwear and I was going to purchase a flip front helmet, sales man emphasize me to purchase a bluetooth helmet rather than purchasing a simple flip front.

Upon my query he told me that they have a helmet with a bluetooth system installed by the company with double powered high definition speakers. Anti scratch visor make every view more clear. There is a new speaker with noise killer, and an integrated microphone inside. This helmet is especially designed to protect rider from all-round wind blowing. This have an extra battery re-chargeable battery with a free charger.

After telling me all these aspects, he told me that this helmet is ACU Gold approved. So that there would not remain any doubt about the security.
Viper Bluetooth Helmet - £149.99
After getting all these information I was curious to share all these with my friends so that they would get an enhanced Helmet in same price. The price of the helmet is too low that I was astonished. It was only in £149.99. Shipping is free around the United Kingdom.

Helmets are always an important part of motorcycle rider. There are many hidden aspects which people ignore completely. While driving on the bike, people like to hide their personality from other people while wearing helmets and these helmets provide them anonymity. Such as many boys want to go through the city without come into the eyes of their annoying girl friends. Those usually like to wear attractive helmets to that they can attract many other attractive girls. This the fashion and some how need is much important for youngsters. Many beautiful girls also try to hide them by wearing helmets while driving a motorcycle.

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