Thursday, 19 January 2012

Motorcycle Bike Locks sold 10,000 in 2011 in United Kingdom

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Year for the German brand that comes to slam a bad score. Today, BIKE LOCKS Motorrad gives his 10 000th motorcycle in France since early 2011. Reflecting a particularly dynamic with the introduction of the new K 1600 GT & GTL with their six-cylinder, brilliant results competing with Team BIKE LOCKS Motorrad France,
who won for the second consecutive year doubled in France Superbike Championship and the title of Vice Champion Endurance World Championship, but also many operations closer to its customers and prospects throughout the major motorcycle events 2011. Continuing efforts, professionalism of the network, a range of products perfectly adapted to the needs of the most demanding motorcyclists (and especially the premium segment), a strong momentum of the brand, made ​​this year 2011 the year of all records! For the first time in France, BIKE LOCKS Motorrad has topped 10,000 bikes sold. In a market with 3.3%, BIKE LOCKS Motorrad increased by 14.8% with a market share of 11.6% the more than 500 cm3. As a reminder, in 2009, 7,462 bikes were registered, 8,753 in 2010, reaching a volume history of more than 10,000 machines in 2011. The brand is grateful to the network and especially its customers for this performance . In the presence of Marcel DRIESSEN Director of BIKE LOCKS Motorrad France and CO2 Motorcycles dealer in Boulogne Billancourt, 10 000th customer, Bastien, 32 years living in Issy les Moulineaux, happy owner of a new R 1200 R , was presented This afternoon a purchase of € 500 equipment driver. A historic year for 2011 and quite a springboard for 2012 with the arrival of the highly anticipated big scooters.
BIKE LOCKS Collection

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