Friday, 27 January 2012

Latest Open Face Helmets Designs

Helmets wide tend to leave the place in speed and can put your safety at risk.

Helmets tight over time will cause pain that hinder the sequence of the trip.

If your helmet is bothering you on the forehead, for example, locate the position and firmly press your thumb in order to "crush" a little Styrofoam, reducing the pressure. Pressing the foam to the outside of a spoon is a good alternative. In case you're hurting the ear, remove the carpeting to expose the Styrofoam, with the help of a knife or pocketknife, increase the area for the ear on both sides, and replace the padding.

The ears should be free of any pressure on the risk of severe pain after some time of use. Remember also that using the helmet, for safety you must "hear" what is happening around them.

- Hygiene is important in the helmet. Give preference to helmets with removable lining. Wash it often. Imagine what it is to use as underwear without washing it for a year or more.


You may have to give an open helmet that ride in the city, beach, hall meetings and meet the law. After all, you want to be seen and recognized! Helmets are opened widely used by owners of custom motorcycles. They offer far less protection than helmets, is a matter of choice.

The Act allows open face helmets, provided they are approved and used with visors or goggles.

When you hit the road, preferably on a full face helmet. If you even though it is less secure, opt for an open, use one-piece face shield instead of goggles. If the visor is like "Crystal" (translucent), you can use if you need a prescription glasses or sun down. Worry enough with the material thickness of the visor. It must be the toughest possible. A beetle, bird or even small stone to 100 -110 km / h are almost the same effect as a shot gun.

Some helmets open, widely used, have not the seal of INMETRO therefore in accordance with the law, is prohibited and you will be subject to fines and seizure of the portfolio, if the officer is acting as rigorous and sends the traffic code.

The selection criteria should be first by manufacturing materials: Kevlar, Carbon Fiber Injected Plastic (ABS) are theoretically stronger than fiberglass.

I believe that simply buying an approved helmet, with seal INMETRO is not enough. Quality control is also very important.

Consider the manufacturer. Give preference to the product of an industry highly regarded in the marketplace and has a name to watch.

When using the helmet for a long time, especially on hot days, place a bandana underneath. This will prevent the sweat dripping from his forehead to the eyes and also that the helmet to be unpleasant smell. Some wet the bandana in the days of intense heat, but if there is the possibility of the helmet to dry after use, (leave it to the sun, for example) this practice. is discouraged.

Take care of your helmet, preventing it save it in damp places, or very hot and airless.


Face shields must be kept clean and unscratched. The visor a little scratched you think you can use during the day, you can take your vision and cause an accident at night. It is very unpleasant to find out when it gets dark you can not see anything when light intersects with a car in the opposite direction.

The cost of replacing the visor is a bargain considering the riding pleasure and the benefit it brings to its security.


After putting on your helmet and strap lock the jugular, insert your finger between the neck and try it and pull it down. If the buckle is closed and should not drop at all. A defective buckle or doubtful material may rupture in an accident and the helmet can get out of your head.


To clean the helmet, use a clean cloth and mild soap. It is recommended to keep it waxed, because in case of fall, it will slide better on the road, at least at first.


It is commonly said among the oldest and most experienced riders that his helmet after a fall should be kept as a souvenir. They say that "bad luck" to continue to use it. Mysticism aside, the truth is that a helmet after impact, may have cracks that are often not visible. Think of it as a trophy, or a guardian angel who may have saved his life, and a book on his shelf space to display it highlighted.

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